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ASP Web Development Training Courses

The previous version of ASP.NET was Active Server Pages (ASP). ASP is now commonly referred to as Classic ASP. Despite its age, there is still a lot of demand for ASP developers who are needed to maintain and enhance the many ASP powered websites still in existence.

As with ASP.NET, ASP is just the framework for the web application. The ASP web application themselves may be written in a range of different programming languages. The most popular programming language for ASP is VBScript. VBScript is a cut-down version of Visual Basic 6.0. It shares a lot of the syntax of Visual Basic, but is much less flexible.

An alternative to VBScript is JScript. JScript resembles JavaScript, the popular scripting language for developing client-side scripts that run in a web browser.

Finally some ASP applications may be written in other scripting languages such as PerlScript, which is based on the Perl programming language. Perl isn't that widely used any more, but it was popular at one time for creating website CGI scripts.

When looking for a ASP training course to book online, it's best to check that the course uses the programming scripting language you want to learn. Most courses teach ASP using VBScript.

It's also possible to book ASP.NET training courses online. Some of these courses allow developers to upgrade their skills set from ASP to ASP.NET development.

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