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Barcode Document Tracking Software

Document tracking software is in use by many organisations that rely on printed documentation rather than electronic documents. Case files, confidential medical reports and other documents are examples where it is critical to keep track of who is accessing and using valuable paper based documents. Document tracking is also useful for larger organisations spread across multiple sites, or those relying on secure offsite storage of archival documents when they're not needed.

Good document tracking software should be both easy to use and intuitive. One of the easiest ways of achieving this is by the use of a barcode scanner to scan document metadata. Scanning a document's unique identifier rather than typing it in leads to a significant time saving, and there's no chance of the document's identifer being incorrectly typed.

Barcode Document Tracking Software from CheckMate

One of the best known suppliers of barcode enabled document tracking software is Dynamic Systems Inc. Their CheckMate document tracking solution is a comprehensive tracker that allows you to manage all of your documents and other business assets. CheckMate is in use by many different companies in sectors such as law, engineering, medicine and manufacturing. CheckMate can assign documents to people or particular locations so you always know who has the documents or which office they're supposed to be located at. The software runs on barcodes that can be quickly scanned using hand held readers. Other features include:

  • A complete audit trail available for each document.
  • Documents may be reserved by readers.
  • Reporting of overdue or missing documents.
  • Archival facilities.
  • Barcode readers can be battery powered, so are ideal in outdoor or remote locations.

Turning your document collection into a library makes it much easier to keep track of important documents, especially in sectors that rely on keeping the original paper copies of documents instead of electronic duplicates.

As well as document tracking and inventory management, the CheckMate software suite has other facilities such as time and attendance monitoring and bar coding of stock inventory.

Barcode Inventory Management Software

As well as barcoding important documents, many businesses use barcodes to tag assets. Asset tagging with barcodes is a quick and efficient way of keeping track of equipment, software, tools, stock and other capital assets. Popular asset tracking software includes CheckMate from Dynamic Systems Inc. CheckMate is easy to use - equipment can be logged using a portable barcode scanner. Data can be checked before being uploaded to the master asset documentation database. The software is especially useful in the case of periodic inventory checks such as stock takes or ensuring equipment doesn't disappear during an office relocation.

Barcode based document and inventory management software packages often use a variety of different barcode formats, so check that your chosen supplier uses barcodes that are compatible with the rest of your supply chain. In retail the UPC barcode format is most common.

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