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There is a wide range of business software available for business use. Careful use of the right software packages can drastically increase business productivity, as well as identify new areas for business growth, identify the most profitable customers, cut down on waste and streamline processes.

Popular business software includes database software, CRM software, document management software and software for niche business areas such as Physiotherapy Billing Software (Pt billing software) and software for creating cardboard cutouts for promotional purposes.

Many different business sectors can make great use of specialised software products. In the services industry, service business software tools are useful for managing work undertaken on behalf of clients. Many packages have integrated time recording and billing modules.

One particularly important use of business software is in document tracking. Whether your documents are held in box files or are just stored on computer, it is essential to track documents throughout the enterprise. Document tracking software is especially important in businesses that use case files, such as law, medicine and regulatory affairs.

Further business software solutions include tools for converting data between different formats. Microfiche scanning services are useful for converting old business data stored on microfiche, microfilm and aperture cards into modern digital formats.

Explore the software resources listed on and see how software can improve your business processes.


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