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How to create great database documentation

Need to create great database documentation from your relational database?

While you can struggle on and create database documentation by hand, did you know that there are loads of great software tools available for creating database documentation automatically?

Database documentors are available for most of the popular relational databases, including: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle.

In general a database documentor will create database documentation showing a database's tables, views, stored procedures and views. Many database documentation tools will also document database functionality that is specific to that type of database server. For example, many documentation tools for SQL Server will document DTS Packages and Full Text Indexes. A good database documentor should ideally show the relationships between database entities.

One nice feature in SQL Server 2005 and above is that description metadata can be added to most of the entities within a database, so a database documentor that supports these features like the SQL Server Documentation Tool is able to generate really comprehensive database documentation without you having to write any Word document whatsoever. Storing database documentation within the database itself means that it's much easier for the development team to keep the documentation updated.

Save time on project documentation - get a tool that will automatically document your database today!

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