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Document Tracking Software

What is Document Tracking Software?

Very simply, Document Tracking Software allows you to track your business documents between departments, sites and offsite secure storage if you use it. Document tracking is most often used in sectors which use case files - these sectors include medicine, the legal profession, fraud investigation and financial services. Very often a case file will have to be be moved between different people in the same building but different departments. Things get even more complex with larger organisations that may be spread over different sites in different cities. Since the documents involved in many of these sectors are often extremely valuable, they are also often stored offsite with a data storage company when they're not needed.

What to look for in Document Tracking Software

It's useful that your document tracking software supports the reading of barcodes. Barcodes are useful in that they enable employees to easily scan document identifiers. One of the most important aspects of document tracking is that it's essential that a process is so easy to do that staff always undertake the procedures you want them to follow. If you make things hard for your staff then they may use the procedure incorrectly and even worse might not do the procedure at all if it's complicated or fiddly.

It's crucial to not underestimate the importance of getting a good document tracking solution. If a document gets lost in the system then the amount of time taken to find it again is often directly proportional to the number of employees you have. It gets even worse if your organisation needs to move documents between different sites. Then there's an additional factor to take into consideration - many companies store their documents offsite with secure data storage and delivery companies such as Iron Mountain.

Popular Document Tracking Software

Common document tracking solutions for physical based files include FileTrack®. FileTrack has a web based interface, and is a particularly popular document tracker. Documents may be scanned in and out using convenient barcode readers. Document management staff can use the comprehensive reporting options to keep check of where each document is located.

Other document tracking solutions include PaperChase's archives and records management software. This is a records management system that has document management built-in. Again it is barcode driven so it is very easy to use. A document scanning module optionally allows the tracked documents to be viewed onscreen.

Intelex Document Control is another option for larger organisations. The document repository is web based and has sophisticated features such as automatic document archiving.

For smaller businesses that need to track electronic documents there are small solutions like SurveilStar.

Many of the document tracking software packages described here have trial versions available. The larger packages can normally be customised by the supplier in order to fit around your organisation's working practices.


 Barcode Document Tracking Software

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