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Document X Documentation Generator for Windows

Document X is a complete source code documentor solution for Windows. Document X documents source code from a wide range of programming languages include the .NET Framework, COM objects, ASP.NET Ajax JavaScript as well as databases with an OLEDB database driver (i.e. Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access). When documenting .NET Framework code the standard XML comments as used by VB.NET and C# are supported. Classes and namespaces are comprehensively supported. Database documentation created for SQL Server databases is comprehensive and shows database tables, views, stored procedures, roles and full text catalogs.

Document X creates documentation in a variety of formats. Documentation output includes Visual Studio style Help Files. Document X is designed to be easy to use by both technical authors and software developers alike. Software developers will appreciate the integration with Visual Studio.

Unlike many other documentation tools, Document X has integrated multilingual support. It can create localised documentation in a range of languages including English, French, Russian, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified).

Document X supports Visual Studio versions from 2005 to 2010.

CSS support allows Document X to generate customised documentation in your in-house style.

A free trial version of Document X is available for evaluation purposes.

Document X
Document X documentor for Windows
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