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Epydoc: Python Code Documentor

Python is a high level, open source programming language that supports both the structured and object orientated programming approaches.

The Epydoc documentation tool for Python extracts documentation from Python application code. The documentation can then be used to create technical documentation in a number of formats, including:

  • Standard HTML (can be formatted using a user-specified CSS Cascading Style Sheet)
  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
  • Epytext
  • Javadoc (the standard documentation format used by the Java programming language)
  • ReStructuredText
  • plain text

For ease of use, Epydoc has two running environments: it has a full graphical user interface (epydocgui) as well as operation via the command line. Alternatively, Epydoc can be run programmatically allowing automation of the documentation generation process. Command line use of Epydoc allows the generation of documentation to be scheduled.

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