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How to Fnd a Writing Job Online

Writing is a popular career choice - my local University runs loads of popular writing courses.

Although writing is fun and enjoyable, it can be hard to make a living from writing. Like photography, it's one of those things that people do for a hobby then try to make a living from it.

One good way of making a living is getting a job as a technical writer or technical author. The IT industry is always looking for good writers . On the downside, writing technical documentation isn't as exciting as writing your first novel, so many people find it boring. Software developers and computer programmers usually consider writing documentation to be one of the worst tasks involved with developing software, hence they are usually more than happy to hand over the writing of end user documentation to somebody else!

Technical authors are also in demand in many other industries such as finance, oil and gas and anywhere else where there are procedures to document and operations manuals to write.

As well as technical authors, the IT industry also likes proof readers. Computer programmers are not known for their good spelling, so any documentation they manage to write usually needs to be revised.

Writing online can also be fun and sometimes can pay well. The problem is that most aspiring writers find it hard to make money from their writing. One of their biggest problems is that they approach this line of work as a writer rather than as a marketing guru. Writing for websites such as can make good money, but those that make money from hubpages tend to be people with marketing experience rather than being great writers.

Write for
Write for hubpages and get paid for your words!

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