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Lifesize Cardboard Cutout Standup Generator Software

Looking for a cool idea for promoting your business? Life sized cardboard cutouts of people are a sure way to attract attention from customers and other passers-by.

Many businesses already know the marketing power of lifesized cardboard cutouts. If you go into any record or movie store, the chances are they will have one or two promotional cardboard cutouts of celebrities to endorse a new album or movie.

Cardboard cutouts are valuable marketing tools for:

  • Trade shows
  • In store promotions
  • Personalised prizes for competitions
  • Long service, leaving parties and retirements
  • New store openings (much cheaper than hiring a real celebrity!)
  • Endorsements

Did you know you can create your own cardboard cutouts and standees for promotional purposes?

There are two ways of creating a cardboard cutout for use in a promotion. The first way is to get a specialist art company to create a cardboard cutout for you. Yes there are actually companies that will provide this service for you!

The good thing about getting a company to produce your cardboard cutout for you is that they will use high quality materials and you can be assured of receiving a top quality cardboard cutout to use to promote your company. Unfortunately it can be expensive to get a cardboard cutout professionally created. The cost will be particularly high if you just want a single figure produced.

A neat alternative is to make your own cardboard cutout. This is actually quite easy to achieve. There's some great software to help you create your own lifesized cardboard cutouts - the link is at the bottom of this page. The nice thing about this is that the cardboard cutout creator software actually works with any photo! You can start with your photo of your chosen celebrity, work colleague or model, then make as many cardboard cutouts as you require. While the quality might not be as high as getting a cardboard cutout figure professionally produced, the fact is that many cardboard cutouts are just required for trade shows or one off promotional events, so it's not always worth spending lots of money on creating your cardboard cutout.

The software for creating your own personalised cardboard standee contains everything you need to know in order to create standees using a normal printer. It guides you through the process of selecting the best materials for printing. There's advice about weatherproofing your cutout should he or she have to stand outside for long time periods. There's also information about how to choose a photograph that would make a really good standee. If you're short of photograph ideas then there's also some great information about where to find particularly good photos of celebrities.

By the way - although the business uses of personalised cardboard cutouts are mentioned here, they're also great for use at weddings, parties and other events in the home.

Almost Breathing - Life Sized People
Software for creating cardboard cutouts of anybody
Company: Almost Breathing

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