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NetZoom Network Documentation Software

NetZoom makes it possible to create detailed, professional quality network documentation for computer networks. It acts as a companion product to popular diagramming and presentation applications such as Microsoft Visio and Microsoft PowerPoint. It also supports iGrafx, AutoCAD and netVis.

NetZoom comes supplied with over 65,000 predefined diagram shapes in high quality vector format that have been specifically created for the computer and telecommunications industries. A subscription service allows for the downloading of new shapes and templates as they become available.

The NetZoom network shapes include highly accurate representations from hardware vendors including Cisco Systems, Dell, HP, IBM and Sun Micro Systems. The shapes include detailed part and connector information (such as ports on a server or router). If you cannot find the exact shape you require, then Altima even offer to make the shape for you - free of charge!

A version of NetZoom is also available for the audio, video and home networking industry, and includes over 15,000 shapes for networking, home security, lighting and multimedia.

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