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PeopleCube Resource Management Software

PeopleCube is a vendor of resource scheduling and facilities management software. Both types of software are incredibly useful for improving organisational efficiency, leading to significant operational cost savings and return on investment.

Popular PeopleCube software products include Meeting Maker, Resource Scheduler, Process Cube, WebEvent and Scheduler Plus. Many of the products are available on demand as Software as a Service (SaaS) option, meaning there is no software to install on your network due to the software being accessed over the Internet. SaaS deployment options also minimise IT costs as there is no need for software updates, database or other software, plus the applications can be up and running in minutes. SaaS is also a great model in that fixed monthly costs are easy to budget for in IT budgets.

PeopleCube is based in the United States, with offices in the United Kingdom and Europe.

PeopleCube Resource Scheduling Software

Resource scheduling and management software from PeopleCube helps you to get the most out of your facilities. Making better use of existing facilities can result in less costly office moves or building work.

Special benefits of the PeopleCube Resource Scheduling Software include energy management features, which allow an organisation's energy carbon footprint to be assessed. Tracking energy consumption of buildings can also allow changes to be implemented that will lead to impressive cost savings!

The PeopleCube People Counter module is an essential business tool for accurately counting the number of people using a given resource such as a room or a building.

The PeopleCube resource scheduling solution can also help plan hot desking and shared workspaces, allowing you to plan the optimal amount of space reserved for mobile and home-based or travelling staff.

Resource Scheduler is compatible with both Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.

PeopleCube Facilities Management Software

Facilities management software can assist with improving your organisation's space utilization.

PeopleCube have a number of solutions for improving the workplace's efficiency. The Workplace BI Business Intelligence software is invaluable for planning workplace resource utilisation. In the current tough business economic climate, use of such business intelligence software can find substantial cost savings in the workplace.

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