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Physiotherapy Practice Software

If you're in the physiotherapy business there are many software packages that can help increase the efficiency of your private practice. Making sure your patients are billed accurately can lead to potentially huge increases in practice turnover. As well as billing software the other main area of software that is useful for a physiotherapy is clinical software.

Physiotherapy clinic software is designed to improve the patient's care and rehabilitation programme offered by your practice.

Many of these software packages are also of value to other medical specialists such as chiropractors.

Physiotherapy Clinic Software Suppliers

There are a few different suppliers of physiotherapy patient software. Physiographic is a useful application that can be used to record a patient's treatment programme. The software is specifically designed for physiotherapists rather than just the general medical community. Treatment plans supported include knee, ankle, hip, wrist and spine problems. Physiographic is available in either a desktop version for Microsoft Windows PCs as well as a mobile application for handheld computing devices. The mobile physiotherapy software solution is especially useful if you need to work in a gym or other place where it's not convenient to sit at a PC and type up patient notes.

PhysioTools is another major supplier of physiotherapy software. Their Maven Live software offers a wide range of patient care facilities in order to efficiently plan their rehabilitation routines.

Another service offered by PhysioTools is a software application that can be used to create a wide range of printed handouts for your patients. Each set of handouts can be personalised in order to provide a comprehensive set of instructions for patients to follow as they work on their rehabilitation exercises. The instructions can be printed in a wide range of languages, and they also have clear diagrams showing how to perform the exercise.

MediGraph is another supplier of physiotherapy software. Their main offering is a comprehensive package that takes care of patient billing, patient scheduling of appointments and other aspects of running a private practice. There is also a documentation module that allows the physiotherapist to input evaluations, daily notes, results of performance testing and much more. It operates on a flow diagram basis so that many of the common treatment procedures can be quickly documented without having to laboriously type the same notes over and over again.

Most physiotherapy clinical software is available on a trial basis, so you can test it out and see if it meets the needs of your private physiotherapy practice.

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