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Physiotherapy Billing Software (Pt billing software)

Physiotherapy Billing Software (or PT Billing Software as it is commonly referred to) allows physiotherapists to accurately record how long is spent with each client so that the client may be billed accordingly.

Using Physiotherapy Billing Software in a phyisotherapy practice can lead to vast performance improvements due to:

  • Reduction in unpaid bills from clients.
  • Reduction in staffing costs due to reduced amount of paperwork.
  • Increase in the amount of billing costs recouped from clients.
  • Vastly improved paperwork that will make it much easier to deal with other professional companies that are paying for treatment such as insurance companies and employers.

Remember the amount of revenue collected from clients is the difference between an average physiotherapy practice and a great one!

There are two types of Physiotherapy Billing Software. One type is available as a web service, meaning that the software is accessed via a web browser. This means there is no complicated software to install in the practice. On the downside, using software delivered over the Internet means that you need a reliable Internet connection, otherwise staff may become frustrated and not use the system properly. Handing over your valuable practice data to a third party is also worrying, so when choosing a Physiotherapy Billing Software solution that is web based it's important to choose a reputable supplier.

Alternatively it's possible to buy a solution that installs the required Physiotherapy Billing Software onto local PCs within the practice. This means that the software will work without Internet connectivity. Your valuable data is also stored on site. Just make sure you have a reliable data backup scheme in place!

Good Physiotherapy Billing Software will make it much easier to implement a paperless office. This can drastically increase office efficiency. Many software packages also come with patient management software allowing you to schedule appointments, and enter patient details. It can also help to identify patients who haven't visited in a while, leading to higher rates of customer retention.

Investigate Physiotherapy Billing Software and see how it could transform your physiotherapy practice.


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