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ReWorx Online Document System

Available in Standard and Professional editions, ReWorx makes it straightforward to create high quality online document systems. It has full compatibility with Microsoft Word, allowing documentation to be created from within Word itself. ReWorx converts Word documents to an XML format that can be used to republish them to Internet and Intranet websites, as well as more general help documents.

ReWorx synchronises the creation of both printed and online documentation from the source Word documents, meaning that your traditional printed as well as online web documentation can be kept fully synchronised. ReWorx allows different parts of documents to be hidden from either printed or online documentation, thereby allowing certain information to remain unpublished on the web.

Documentation produced by ReWorx includes comprehensive table of contents, index and search facility, providing the end user with a range of options for quickly finding the information they are looking for.

A trial version is available. The Professional edition includes advanced features such as the ability to fine tune the table of contents, the ability to create Windows help files (HTML Help .chm format and JavaHelp), support for very large documents using Master/Sub documents, and a handy built-in FTP module which allows files to be uploaded to a website.

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