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SQL Compare for SQL Server

SQL Compare from Red Gate Software Limited is the industry standard solution for comparing schema from different copies of a database. Comparing database schemes is an essential task to perform before database changes are deployed from a test to a live environment. If an application attempts to run SQL scripts against a database with an outdated schema then this can lead to all kinds of problems, many of which can be difficult to track down.

SQL Compare can automatically create schema change scripts in order to script the changes found between two copies of a database. This makes it straightforward to enact database structural changes in a change control system. Comprehensive reporting options also allow developers and DBA's to check that the database structure hasn't been changed between test and live systems.

SQL Compare can compare live databases, as well as databases that only exist as SQL Server backups, or as schema backups.

SQL Compare has an easy to use graphical user interface. It is also programmable from the command line so that database comparison jobs can be automated and scheduled to run at regular intervals.

For comparing database schema on Oracle databases, a similar product to SQL Compare is available called Schema Compare for Oracle.

SQL Compare
Software for comparing SQL Server databases

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