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SQL Server Monitoring Software

Microsoft SQL Server databases are an essential part of many applications so it is essential to monitor them at all times.

There are many types of SQL Server monitoring software and tools available for monitoring your databases. Monitoring tools include:

  • Performance monitoring software that ensures the database is operating at below peak capacity and that CPU loading, disk I/O and table scans are running at acceptable levels.
  • Stress testing monitoring software can be used to ensure that a database enabled application can cope under severe server load.
  • SQL performance tools can monitor the performance of individual database queries, bringing to your attention code which is taking a long time to execute and potentially poorly written queries. A good performance tool may also suggest changes that can be made to the database or its structure in order to increase application performance.
  • Database performance tools can also be used to monitor conditions which may result in degraded application performance such as table/row locking and conflicts.

Many SQL Server monitoring tools are able to provide remote monitoring services. It is also possible to configure monitoring tools to send alerts should a database encounter performance or other issues.

When looking for a good quality SQL Server monitoring tool it's essential to look for a tool that does not have a significant impact on server resources itself.

Related tools that can assist with ensuring peak database performance include restore tools for restoring damaged databases and installations.

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